Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fall Time!

For November, Carlee started a "fall" unit. We've been reading a lot of books about fall, the holidays Halloween and Thanksgiving, and about trees, pumpkins, apples, etc. She's really enjoying it, although it's a challenge to really teach her what fall is all about, when here in Sicily, there's really not much evidence that it is indeed fall.

For one activity, I cut up an apple and we talked about the different parts of it, the colors they come in, how they grow, etc. Then Carlee got to use the cut up apple halves to make apple prints with paint. Very simple, and yet she loved this.

This was an activity we did last Thursday. After talking about how some trees have leaves that change colors and eventually fall off, Carlee got to make her own colorful fall trees. I had already colored some rice red, orange, and yellow. She then glued the rice to a tree I had drawn for her.

Her most exciting activity, however, was on Friday. As we were walking to a friend's house for a picnic lunch, we went on a Fall Treasure Hunt. I gave her our small digital camera to take pictures of anything that she thought was related to fall. She did extremely well! Here are a few of her photos:

I printed out all her pictures, and next week, we're going to make a little fall book. We'll have a lot of more crafts to do, and hopefully a trip to the library to find some books on Thanksgiving.