Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

It's so hard to break out of that K12 mentality I grew up with.  I've come to the realization (after C told me in her own little words) that I am holding her back.  She basically told me she was bored with what we were doing, and asked when we were going to do harder stuff.  Wow.  I was trying to follow CM's method of not starting "serious" studying until she reached 6, but in doing so, I am making her wait, just like government school would.

I looked over the kindergarten requirements, and sure enough she has mastered everything.  So, I'm graduating her today.  I will officially have a first grader.  I am a little sad, and yet joyous in that God is teaching her so much, because it surely isn't my doing.  I seriously look at what I've been doing with her in our very relaxed way, and wonder how she's picked up everything.  God and my daughter continue to amaze me.  It is beyond me.  This is between God and her, and it's so wonderful.

We took her out to dinner at her favorite sushi place in celebration, and presented her with her own diploma.  She was very excited, and we were very proud.

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